I help restaurant owners and chefs to stand out with great culinary experiences

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A little taste of my work.

The Bread Shot

Bread and beer have evolved together for thousands of years. Bread beer is the perfect conclusion for these two cousins who have drifted apart over time.

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The Fantastic Dinner

Dinner for a private individual in october, in the forest of Fontainebleau, on the theme of fantastic.  I did the menu, scenography and photography.

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But these two are just a little bite of what I do. Click below to see more.

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My work.

Hey, I’m Sophie.

I’m Sophie. I’m a french food designer and scenographer. I help restaurant owners to stand out with great and unique culinary experiences.

I’m so passionnate about food, but far better to empty plates than to prepare them. I find my way in food design.

I am not trying to invent fat-free butter (what an infamy !). I’m simply trying to share my design skills and passion with you to enhance your cuisine and create unique moments that will mark your customers forever.

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About me.

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